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Semi-Rigid Cafe Covers
Leatherette or Vinyl Covers
Clear Inside Pockets

We've taken our Deluxe Cafe Style Covers and replaced the front and back panels with your choice of bendable, semi-rigid leatherette, antimicrobial vinyl, or high-quality expanded supported vinyl, embossed and top printed to look like leather. Your name and/or logo can be foil stamped and debossed on front cover. This is the thinnest, lightest cover on the internet available for personalization.

Clear panels are made from semi-rigid 20-gauge crystal clear APET Rigid Polyester or 10-gauge matte clear finish, specially formulated to prevent wrinkling and cracking. Reinforced edging, in a color to complement the front and back panels, is double stitched to both the cover and inside panels, with the edges of the binding turned under to present a finished appearance.

Metal tabs are added to all the corners of these covers to add to both protection and appearance.

Customers ask: How is Twilight Antimicrobial Vinyl different from our regular Expanded Supported Vinyl (ESV) and why is Twilight less expensive? Twilight is made for the marine industry -- for seats, cushions and trim -- and is therefore produced in far greater quantities than ESV. This allows our supplier to charge less than we pay for other materials of similar quality. Twilight has a polyester knit backing which is more washable and waterproof than the cotton backing of our regular ESV, which has a non-woven cotton backing. While both simulate the look of leather, ESV has a look a wee bit closer to the real thing. 

    Semi-Rigid Menu Covers with clear inside panels, all with binding sewn to their edges. All pages are finished with metal corner tabs. Shop online with the Menu Shoppe today.