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Dynasty Style Menu Covers
Rigid Casebound Covers
Clear Inside Pockets

Our Dynasty Style Menu Covers feature tough and durable antibacterial vinyl or expanded supported vinyl, embossed and top printed to look like leather, then wrapped, glued and stitched around rigid binders board. Interior pockets are available with your choice of 10-gauge APET polyester with a crystal clear or matte clear finish, both of which are environmentally safe and of archival quality. Laser / Digital printing will not migrate to our pockets, unlike standard pockets made of PVC. 

This menu cover is the perfect fit for restaurants walking the line between casual upscale and fine dining -- especially those with 6 or more menu pages to display.

A variety of material colors to choose from.  Your logo can be foil stamped and debossed down into the cover for a great initial presentation.

Expect an extremely long life from these covers as well.

Customers ask: How is Twilight Antimicrobial Vinyl different from our regular Expanded Supported Vinyl (ESV) and why is Twilight less expensive? Twilight is made for the marine industry -- for seats, cushions and trim -- and is therefore produced in far greater quantities than ESV. This allows our supplier to charge less than we pay for other materials of similar quality. Twilight has a polyester knit backing which is more washable and waterproof than the cotton backing of our regular ESV, which has a non-woven cotton backing. While both simulate the look of leather, ESV has a look a wee bit closer to the real thing. 

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR CUSTOMERS WHO PLACED ORDERS in 2021, 2022 and 2023: During the early months of the Covid-19 pandemic, our suppliers changed from mass producing 10-gauge crystal clear polyester to a thicker 18- or 20-gauge polyester. This was to meet the demand for desk shields and sneeze guards during that time. We bought that thicker material in bulk and used it for our Dynasty interior panels. Some of our customers loved the thicker material, while others frankly did not. Now that the demand for 18- and 20-gauge polyester has dropped off sharply, we can no longer source it at a reasonable price. We have returned to using the same 10-gauge material we had used for over 30 years prior to the pandemic. If you really liked the stiffer feel, consider adding cardboard stiffeners to your order.

    Durable Casebound Expanded Vinyl Menu Covers with Clear Interior Pockets. A great choice for the upscale casual restaurant. Shop with The Menu Shoppe today.