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How can I order a sample?

Samples of most of our products are available. Call Our Customer Service Department at 888-222-7796 opt. 1 or email sales@menushoppe.com and we will be happy to help find the right menu cover for you. Our selection of samples might not include the exact size, color or configuration you have in mind, but we should be able to help you see the general look, feel and quality of our products.

For some (but not all) materials we have swatch decks available. We charge a $25 deposit to ship you one of these, refundable when you return the deck to us.

Custom Samples

We understand that before placing a large custom order, you might need to see the finished product. We can produce and sell you a single sample. In addition to the price of the item, shipping, and applicable art fees, you pay a service fee of $25 for sewn edge, $50 for most case-bound and Dynasty products, and $75 for wood, metal and leather. 

If you place an order for 50 or more covers within 90 days of receiving the sample, the service fee will be credited toward the order (and you won't re-pay any art fees if you use the same, unchanged logo). 

Note that normal production times apply, however -- both for the production of the sample and for the subsequent order.