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How to Send Art

If you have already read the following guidelines, you can submit artwork using our online form.

How to Supply Art for Personalized Imprints

Please supply camera ready artwork whenever possible, i.e., sharp black image on white background with no screens or tones.

If art requires some retouching or minor typesetting we will provide this service at no charge. If extensive work is to be done, we will notify you of the cost before proceeding with your order.

Electronic art Guidelines

PC compatible PDF, TIFF or EPS files are preferred. Other formats may or may not require extra work to convert. One color art should be in black. Grayscale or colored art does not reproduce well. Full color art should be submitted only if the image is to be reproduced in full color.

Foil Stamping and/or Debossing

Foil stamping is a surface decoration. Debossing is below surface engraving. Art should be submitted in line art form.
Stamping and Debossing plates, up to 35 square inches: $35.00
Press Setup charge: $60.00

There is no extra charge for laser engraving your logo on our solid wood menu covers.

The easiest and quickest way to send us art is to use our online form. For best results send vectored files prepared as EPS files or in Adobe Illustrator or a similiar graphics program. If you are sending bitmapped files, prepared in Adobe Photoshop, MS Word, Pagemaker or some other word processing program please make sure your illustrations are at least 600 dpi. It will be be helpful if you included the fonts (type faces) that you used, or at least include their names and the name of their foundry, with your file.

Make sure your images are in black (no colors and no gray scale tones, please)

However you choose to send us art, please keep the following in mind: In order to make sure that your image won't rub off your menu cover we have to force it into the material of your cover. When we do this, your image will spread. This will not be noticeable with normal type or illustrations, but will become noticeable your image is too detailed or crowded. Try to avoid: thin lines and fine detail as well as large areas of solids with reversed type. Absolutely no tints, tones or shadows. The foil stamping process has no way to reproduce tones or tints.

A simple test to see if your art is reproduceable: make a copy in your fax machine and examine the results. If the copy looks good to you, it will reproduce well.

Please submit artwork using our Online Form