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Economy Menu Covers and Clearance Items

These products keep your budget in mind while still delivering the quality and durability you need.

When it comes to menu covers, cheap does not have to mean shoddy or meager. The above products represent our lines that are lower priced but do not unreasonably skimp on quality. Will these covers hold up as long and under the same conditions as our higher-end products? No, but they should look good and last long enough to make them a good value. 

The Menu Shoppe is one of the country’s premier online providers of economy menu covers for restaurants. We offer several options for your business depending on your menu size, restaurant type and operations. We're proud of our work and our products that offer value while still delivering durability. Our helpful customer service team can answer your questions about any of our restaurant menu covers when you call 1-888-222-7796. You may also request samples to see our menu covers before placing your order.

    If you're looking for an economy option for your menu covers, look no further. Menu Shoppe has the largest selection of Cheap and Discount Menu Covers.