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Antimicrobial Vinyl Covers

Our antibacterial/antimicrobial cover material was developed for marine use. Heavy duty and resistant to water, oil, and mildew, menu covers made with this vinyl are washable and will last through repeated disinfecting.

Available in many menu styles -- our Semi-Rigid Deluxe Cafe and hardcover Dynasty styles which both feature easy-to-clean and easy to change vinyl interior pockets AND formal casebound covers with picture-frame corners.

We also make check presenters, 3-ring binders and screw-post covers in this material (click on "casebound" above), which comes in 16 great colors!

Customers ask: How is Twilight Antimicrobial Vinyl different from our regular Expanded Supported Vinyl (ESV) and why is Twilight less expensive? Twilight is made for the marine industry --  for seats, cushions and trim -- and is therefore produced in far greater quantities than ESV. This allows our supplier to charge less than we pay for other materials of similar quality. Twilight has a polyester knit backing which is more washable and waterproof than the cotton backing of our regular ESV, which has a non-woven cotton backing. While both simulate the look of leather, ESV has a look a wee bit closer to the real thing. 

    Made for the marine industry, our antimicrobial vinyl is durable and easy to clean - all while still looking great.