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Cheap Menu Covers

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Cheap can mean a lot of different things to many different restaurateurs. To some it means inexpensive economy, to others it might mean flimsy, a product that will fall apart after a few months usage.

Our cheap menu covers keep your budget in mind while still delivering the quality and durability you need. To help you better judge whether our cheap menu covers are for you, we've rated them on a cost per serving basis. How many users can you expect from a product divided into the unit cost of the product.

For example: Let's take a restaurant that uses the same 4 page menu for lunch and dinner. They have 50 seats with a five time turnover between both meals. 250 servings a day x 6 days a week = 3,000 servings a week. To continue the example, management decides they need 72 menus to cover the restaurant, 40 in use with 32 in reserve or rotating.

They decide on three possibilities: our clear vinyl covers with no binding, Item HST-200, our clear vinyl menu covers with binding, FXXI, or our covered clear vinyl covers with opaque, imitation leather front and back covers, item DCH200.

The clear covers with no binding cost $1.83 each and should last somewhere between 6 months to a year.

The clear covers with binding cost $2.59 each and should last about a year.

The clear menu covers with imitation leather front and back covers cost $12.95 each and should last 2 1/2 - 3 years.

Again, these usage figures are for example only. The daily usage estimate may not be realistic for your restaurant so actual usage time will vary between individual restaurants. Our estimated difference in usage time is based on our experience and is fairly accurate.

Our clear covers, with no binding will cost $131.76 or $0.001689 per serving.

Our clear covers, with binding will cost $186.45 or $0.00120 per serving.

Our clear covers with front and back imitation leather will cost $932.40 or $0.002 per serving.

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