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Wine Menu Covers and Wine Lists

Wine Menu Covers and Wine Lists

Many restaurants choose to present their wine and premium beverage list to their customers in a multiple page menu with a distinctive cover that speaks to the quality of the offerings inside. We provide a variety of menu covers to match a range of restaurant decors and price points. Some, in the industry, refer to these books as Captain's Books, which are designed to display multiple selections, sometimes with extensive descriptions. Another name for wine menu lists is Captain's Books, meaning books that are perfectly suited to hold extensive beverage lists, sometimes with lengthy product descriptions.

We offer wine list covers in variety materials and looks, suitable for most restaurant decors and price ranges. Some like genuine cork and faux cork we show on our site because of their unique look. However we can make wine list covers in any material, cork, wood or leather to match our regular restaurant menu covers.  

Wine Menu Cover Guarantee

We're proud of our products and the work with into producing them, that's why we offer this guarantee: If your Wine List Covers only lasts a year, for example, or half of what we claim they should last, we'll replace them at half price. If they last one and a half years, or 3/4s of their life expectancy, we'll replace them at 3/4 price, etc. etc. Naturally, menu covers that are worn or broken due to abuse are not covered by this offer. You find another guarantee on the www that will match ours.

Menu Covers and Restaurant Menus Menu Covers and Restaurant Menus
Padded Wine List Cover
Padded Flush Cut Wine List Cover
Casebound Wine List Covers
Casebound Wine List Cover
Genuine Cork Wine List Cover
Genuine Cork Wine List Cover
Faux Cork Wine List Cover
Faux Cork Wine List Cover

Screws and Posts for Screwpost Menu Covers
Padded Wine List Covers
Sheet Protectors for Screw-Post Menu Covers


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