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Blank Menu Paper

Make the appearance of your menu more interesting by printing it on paper with a tone or texture. Use a paper that complements the color of your menu cover.

We offer a range of parchment and vellum papers in a variety of colors.

Our parchment and vellum papers are 60 lb. text weight which is the equivalent of 24 lb. copy paper. Our parchment and vellum card weights are the equivalent of 110 lb. copy paper.

Fiber menu papers are 70 lb. text weight which is the equivalent of 27 lb. copy paper.

Parchment type papers have a unique mottled look, with lighter and darker patches of color, while the vellum papers have a smoother, more uniform color.

Fiber papers have interesting bits of colored fibers and specs running throughout the sheet.

All papers are ink-jet and laser printer friendly.

Menu Covers and Restaurant Menus Menu Covers and Restaurant Menus
Parchment Menu Paper
Blank Parchment Menu Paper
Vellum Menu Papers
Blank Vellum Menu Paper
Fiber Menu paper
Blank Fiber Menu Paper


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